Panagiotis Menegos (GR)

Panagiotis Menegos (GR)

Radio Host

Panagiotis Menegos was born in Athens. He studied Marketing at the Athens University of Economics and Business and Media at the University of Sussex.
He is Editorial Director at 24 MEDIA Lab of 24 MEDIA and since 2008 he co-hosts the daily radio show Laternativ (on En Lefko 87.7).
He also works with the non-profit journalism organisation iMEdD as Podcast Project Manager.
He has been in the media industry since 2004 as a contributor to magazines, newspapers and websites (Athens Voice, Tachydromos, Kathimerini, Sonik, Jumping Fish, Avopolis etc.)
He was co-founder and editorial director of the online platform Popaganda.
He has also worked: as a consultant/content producer with various brands, in music festival communication and music editing for various projects.

Country: Greece


Day 03 - 24 May 2024
15:45 - 17:15
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