Dr Sotiris (Pospo) Posporelis

Consultant Liaison Neuropsychiatrist, Label co-owner – Fair Weather Friends Records

Pospo (Dr Sotiris Posporelis) is a Consultant Liaison Neuropsychiatrist at King’s College Hospital London and a Hon. Clinical Senior Lecturer at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience. He loves the Brain and thinks that many people take it for granted…

He also loves music and many other things that may seem irrelevant but are somehow connected. Most importantly he finds it extremely interesting that he writes this bio for himself using the third person… 

Early on, he decided that the world doesn’t need another untalented guitar player, though deep inside he still believes he can make it… 

He has been dj-ing for over twenty years (opening for the likes of Bonobo and Quantic), attending every possible concert under Mars, amassing a massive amount of vinyl records and an equally massive debt.

Together with his best friend, he owns and runs the independent vinyl record label Fair Weather Friends Records.



Country: Greece