Spiros Hamza (AL)

Spiros Hamza (GR)

Digital Minds - Account Director

I’m Spiros Hamza, the Account Director at Digital Minds, a leading digital media agency. With a strong focus on the music industry, I closely collaborate with record labels, artists, and premium content owners, developing and implementing strategies to maximize audience reach and revenue growth on digital platforms.

In addition to my role as an Account Director, I bring over 10 years of experience as a successful music producer, with numerous releases and collaborations to my credit. This unique combination of skills allows me to offer a comprehensive understanding of the music industry from both a business and artist perspective, enabling me to provide tailored guidance and support.

Social Media Links
Linkedin: https://gr.linkedin.com/in/spiros-hamza-a2750946
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/spiroshamza.music/?hl=en

Country: Greece