Stathis Mitskas  (GR)

Co-Founder/CPO at ComeTogether

Stathis co-founded ComeTogether in 2018, a startup providing NFTs with utilities. Nowadays, his main focus at ComeTogether is to build client/partnership relationships. In other words, he is creating awareness around NFT ticketing, memorabilia and memberships for live events but not only. Stathis has a broad background from Finance to Computer science and web3. He pursed his master degrees at the University of Bristol, UK and then moved in France to work with Accenture as a Software engineer. He was awarded the best paper award in ‘1st Workshop on Blockchain-enabled Networked Sensor Systems (BlockSys 2018)’

Country: Greece


Day 02 - 23 June 2022
16:30 - 17:45
Web3 & NFTs Trends in Music Industry