Zosia Matysik (PL)

Zosia Matysik (PL)

Co-owner, Delta Booking & Publishing

Her life revolves around culture and music in particular. She has been working in the arts and media business for over 15 years gaining professional experience in show production, touring, managing, and promoting. She received musical education going through a decade of classical piano and percussion training, then earned her BA and MA in TV and film production. She is a co-owner of Delta Booking and Publishing agency, one of Poland’s longest-operating promoters of American music, like Blues, Roots, and Americana. For more than two decades the agency has been booking over a hundred shows each year bringing genuine American sounds to Central and Eastern Europe. The publishing branch of the Agency is mostly focused on “Twój Blues” Quarterly – Poland’s only magazine devoted entirely to blues music, the 2011 recipient of the “Keeping the Blues Alive” Award in the Print Media category. 

Zosia is also proud of her activity as a music journalist where she has earned multiple awards for her writing and photography. She was a co-host of a cultural program on Polish National Television, and since 2018 she has been hosting a weekly radio show focusing entirely on women in music and promoting female empowerment through art. Since 2021 Zosia has been serving on the international team of music professionals of HEMI. Together they support and mentor promising artists and young entrepreneurs, encouraging innovations in music start-ups and boosting creativity in the Central and South-Eastern European music market.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kobietymajaglos

Website: https://www.delta.art.pl/

Country: Poland


Day 03 - 24 May 2024
13:00 - 14:00
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