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The Showcase Artistic Board consists of key people of the Greek and international music industry, who will be responsible for the final selection of artists that will perform live in the showcases of AMW 2024. The members of the Artistic Board will bring in the process their deep knowledge and experience, finding the best new artists and band for the next AMW and giving them the chance to let their talent shine.


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Showcase duration: 30 min. max
Backline supply: Yes
Accreditation for artists: Yes, for all days of the event
Accommodation: yes, for artists coming from a distance of more than 200 km

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Achilleas Stavrou

Promoter & production manager

Co-founder of Goodheart Productions, a creative agency of cultural producers established in 2015, focused on music. Over the years, the agency’s activities have expanded into the fields of theater and dance. With a continuous interest in creating networks and collaborating with the right people, aiming to combine their unique talents to generate new ideas while achieving the maximum possible result at all levels of artistic creation.

Adamantios Kafetzis

Adamantios is a visual artist, record collector, and DJ. He spent 14 years in Senegal, exploring and studying the music and culture of this particular region in West Africa. In 2010, he founded the record label Teranga Beat. To date, the label has released 13 albums featuring music from Senegal, Gambia, Ethiopia, and Greece in vinyl, CD, and digital formats. Always experiencing music through his perspective as a visual artist, he has also taken on the role of music producer for groups such as Sahel, DIEUF-DIEUL de Thiès, Kyriakos Sfetsas’ Greek Fusion Orchestra, and Evritiki Zygia. Adamantios is also the curator of the website Eligo Audio Culture, a web-store for records and audio equipment, offering a profound experience in music and the means to perceive it.

Anca Lupes

Anca Lupes is one of the most experienced professionals in the Romanian music business. One of her most important advantages is that during her career she works in almost all the areas of this industry: mass media (press, radio, TV), concert organising, record companies, music publishing, management and booking agencies.

Due to her extensive experience, in 2006 she starts teaching music business in Romania.

In 2009 she becomes the first Romanian music business professional to graduate the Master in Music Business program from Berkelee College of Music (Boston, USA).

In 2016 she founds the first international music business conference in Romania – Mastering The Music Business conference & showcase festival – which quickly becomes a relevant professional event in the CSEE area. She is the pioneer of music business education in Romania.

Currently she is President of RAW Music (the main organiser Mastering the Music Business and Romania´s official music export office) and Executive Director of INDIERO (the Romanian indie labels & music publishers association, affiliated to IMPALA and WIN).

Andreas Periklis Metaxas

Andreas started his career in digital publications and websites in 2013, before working briefly as a communications consultant in the NGO sector. In 2020, he joined Stay Independent as a copywriter and press officer and quickly moved up the ranks to become a Senior Marketing Manager. In his role, he leads a team of 12 employees and oversees the Distribution, PR, Sales, and Social Media departments. With a music roster of Greek multiplatinum and diamond-certified artists, Stay Independent is currently the most successful music company in Greece when it comes to streaming, achieving up to 58% in the local digital charts on a weekly basis.

In addition to his professional career, Andreas is also an active podcaster and YouTube creator since 2014, presenting interviews with established music artists and personalities from the music and media sector. In 2020, he co-founded the Legal Pizza independent media outlet, which has reached millions of views on YouTube and topped the local podcast charts on Spotify.

Cesar Andion

35 years plus in the industry from local artist management in 80s, record label distribution in the 90s (Sub Pop, City Slang, Crammed, Lookout, Epitaph, Crypt, etc) joined Iguapop live concerts promoting company in 90s,merging into Gamerco in Barcelona in the 2ks and LN Spain since 2006. He is PR,Talent & Export for Live Nation Madrid, Head of The Spanish Wave Showcase export programme, Director at Andalucía Music Forum, , Dcodelab in Dcode festival, Kid Nation project and lecturer at LN Live Music Master at UCM.

Christophe Spagnuolo

Christophe Spagnuolo believes passionately in the power of music to connect people across cultural and social boundaries. He has been a booking agent  in France for 28 years. He specialises in the development of artists. Today, half of his activity is export, working in all Europe, USA and a South America. He also imports bands for the French market from Africa, canada, or Estonia.  He joined the Zamora Productions team in 2015 and represents La Chica, Jupiter & Okwess, Joao Selva, and twenty more bands.

Dragan Ambrozić

Born in 1962 in Belgrade, he studied psychology, graduated in Communication science. From 1986, he began to regularly publish weekly music texts and reviews in “Student”, and from 1987 to 1990 he was the editor of the Theoria column in the same newspaper, launching a music page within the Culture section, which, under his editorship, had helped a large number of young music critics start their careers. In the same period, he published his texts in “Rock”, “Beorama”, “NON”, “Mladost”, “Stava” and numerous other magazines.

From 1989 to 1991, he was one of the founders and music editor of the magazine “Ritam” (a guide to popular culture), and from 1991 to 1995 he was the editor-in-chief and publisher of the same magazine that set new standards in understanding popular culture in our region, promoting a contemporary style of writing. From 1997 until today, he regularly publishes reviews, essays and interviews in the prestigious political weekly “Vreme” (since 1997), as well as on popular web sites, the most famous being B92 (until 2004), Popboks (until 2013), and (since 2020). In total, he has published over 2,000 texts, mostly on popular music and cultural phenomena.

From 1988 to 1993 he was a member of the juries at various festivals of young and not-yet-established rock groups, both at the municipal and federal levels – Rock League of the Palilula Cultural Olympiad (1989-1993), Yugoslav rock-moment / YURM (Zagreb, 1987), Festival Omladina (Youth) (Subotica, 1989).
Believing that the natural extension of writing about music is organizing concerts of the groups he writes about – especially foreign ones – he first got involved in promotional work in 1990 by arranging the performance of the American alternative band Nova Mob at the FLU (School of fine arts) Club (1990).

Since 1993, he has had a continuous career as an organizer of primarily foreign concerts in our country (a particularly important early achievement is the legendary performance of The Prodigy in 1995 at the Pionir Hall). From 1994 to 1996, he was the program editor of the FLU Club (the popular Academy club). From 1999 to 2004, he ran the B92 Concert Agency, and since 2003 he has been editing the Main Stage program of the EXIT festival in Novi Sad, the largest regional music festival.

Since 2005 he has been working as the editor in charge and music editor of the Belgrade Dom omladine. Since the renewal of the Belgrade Jazz Festival in 2005, he has been working under the umbrella of Belgrade Dom omladine as the program manager of this renowned European festival.

So far, as a concert promoter, he has scheduled and realized a total of about 3,000 music events, of which the guest appearances of important rock and jazz ensembles form the largest part of that engagement.

Evi Choursanidi

Evi Choursanidi comes from the field of Communication and Media and is currently the editor-in-chief of Avopolis ( Part “PR girl” / part journalist, she has worked for several years as an Account Manager in a public relations company, as an Online Content Manager in music groups (MAD TV, Frontstage), and simultaneously as a writer for websites and magazines, mainly focusing on music and pop culture (Jumping Fish, 24Media, Rolling Stone, Avopolis). In “concert” circles, she is known as “Listen to This,” from the name of the blog she has maintained since 2009,

Georges Perot

Involved for more than two decades in different fields and positions of the Music ecosystem (Founder of MESO Music Events, Co-Founder of Kosmos Radio 93.6, e-Terra Records and Van Dog Events), Georges has produced dozens of special events (TV shows, Music Awards, Olympic Games) and has participated in numerous European Projects.
He is the Founder of the Athens Music Week, the National Coordinator of the “European Music Day” organizers network and the partner of Music Tech Europe Academy in Greece. He is also the Project Coordinator of HEMI – the Hub for the Exchange for the Music Innovation (Creative Europe) for Technopolis City of Athens, and the co-founder of Music Tech Europe Association.

Lisa Nasta

Lisa Nasta is a seasoned event manager and programmer. She also coordinates music educational programs and is the Director of Re-Play Music, a non-profit community project that donates musical instruments, educates and entertains children, and is a permanent fixture at Kidz Field, Glastonbury Festival.

A master craftsman and luthier, Lisa was the director of the Surrey Strings Music Store in London for 10 years. Her penchant for festival planning and organization found its roots there. Whilst at Surrey Strings, she ran a monthly World Music Club,  programmed the main stage for a number of festivals at Clapham Common, Morden Hall Park, and Hampton Court Palace, and curated a year-long lunchtime music project as part of the Bandstand revival at Merton Abbey Mills, London, which hosted performances of over 200 artists and bands per year. In 2007 she launched the Re-play Music Festival in South London, hosting 120 bands over 3 days in 8 venues across Merton borough, London. Concurrently, Lisa was director at the Abbey School of Music where she managed freelance tutors who delivered key educational programs in group and private lesson formats and ran an outreach program offering free music lessons to the local community.

She has been twice nominated for the Green Awards at Merton Borough, and the Re-play Music Project has won two Music Industry Awards for “Environmental Initiative & Sustainability” from the Music Industry Association of Britain (MIA) & America (NAMM).

Lisa is currently an area coordinator & production manager for Green Futures Field, Glastonbury. Youth Music Coordinator for Kidz Field, Glastonbury. Kids Area Coordinator for Weyfest. Re-Play Music Project co-ordinator WOMAD.

Michalis Kamakas

Michalis Kamakas is a radio producer at Kosmos 93.6. He is the creator of the podcast series “Gig time” (, which delves into the history of the biggest festivals, clubs, and music scenes worldwide. He is also the host of the session series “Urban live sounds” (ERT), which features young artists from the domestic music scene.

Nikos Stefanidis

Nikos Stefanidis received the “Europa Nostra” in 1994 for the reconstruction and the idea for new uses in buildings of industrial heritages. Nikos Stefanidis has been working as music producer, promoter of concerts around Greece, has also business activities in tourism (Thalatta Camping 2004-2008), and in concept restaurants.

Other notable mentions include:

Radio 88miso (1993- since now) – (founder-partner- CEO).
River Party Nestorio festival 1995-1996 restart concept and management.
Gaia Festival 1998-2008 (and now restart).
Principal Club Theatre (establisher & Partner) 2004 – since now.
Studies: Management of Tourism Business & Economic University
In 2012 was the local partner for WOMEX 2012 in Thessaloniki.

Theodora Karakassi

Theodora Karakassi is the co-organiser of the Athens based Plisskën Festival.  With an active career in Architectural Design and Production & Event Management, music and design merge in one. Plisskën is a boutique music festival that has been running for the past 12 years.  Set across 2 days, 4 stages, and 45 international artists per edition, it boasts a multi genre and eclectic Line Up. As a production company Plisskën also host numerous concerts throughout the year. From the ancient theater of Acropolis to underground clubs or big concert halls, to the EDEN Sunday parties with great International DJ’s.  Our ethos is the combo of inviting exceptional fresh and established International acts to Greece. Since 2010 Plisskën has featured  artists such as Smashing Pumpkins, Bicep, Bonobo, Nils Franh, Caribou, Tony Allen, Giorgio Moroder, Cigarettes After Sex, Mulatu Astatke, Jungle, Tinariwen, Slowthai, Orchestra Baobab and many more. 

Thomas Machairas

Thomas Machairas started working in the music industry as a journalist / critic (Pop & Rock Magazine, Vox) in 1988. The following years, he worked as a DJ in various popular bars and clubs in Athens (Decadence, Memphis, Closer, Rhino’s etc). During the last 23 years, he has been involved in concert promotion, including 12 years at Gagarin 205 (Press Office) and 9 years (and counting) at Fuzz Productions / Release Athens Festival, where he’s currently holding the position of Artistic Director and Head of Communications.