Kit Kido (GR)

Kit Kido is a contemporary torch singer. She debuted in 2021 with the singles “Sharp Blade” and “Bonnie&Clyde”, which were released independently throughout digital platforms, giving a taste of her upcoming album to be released by the end of this year.

Her stories are dressed in noir electro beats, alt-pop melodies and experimental sounds, giving her narrative a futuristic yet simultaneously retro tint. Balancing gracefully between digital and lyrical, synths, loops and voice tell stories of a dystopian love affair.

Armed with a jazz education, a background in pop and influenced by the 90s, Kit Kido moves easily between funk and pop nuances carrying her listener away into her neoromantic universe.

Vocals: Katerina Kozadinou

Drums/live electronics, fx: George Kosteletos

Backing Vocals: Evi Marinitsi, Niki Perdikaki