Panos Sourounis

Radio Producer

Panos Sourounis the one and only has been working in the radio industry since ever… “It is the place where I discovered who I am and along the way a few thousand songs too. I write texts and lyrics because some people are crazy enough to ask me to. If I ever come across a rich bride I will ask her to buy me a boat and a tavern. I will drop everything to become a fisherman.” He is currently on the 17th ride in his “radio roller coaster”. He is well-known for the international innovation of the so called “radio twosome”; we stumbled upon him and came to know him as a radio host of the Second Programme, i.e. the second public radio station of the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation, while at the same time working for Kosmos 93.6. On top of that, over the last 7 years he was been working for both Menta 88 and Pepper 96.6.

As for the rest, he has served as music curator for well-known theatrical plays [Ήρωες (Heroes), Η Φουρκέτα (The Hairpin), Η Γωγώ (Gogo), Η φτωχούλα του θεού (God’s little poor protege), Βούβα (Sileness), Ένας αληθινός Καουμπόη (Α True Cowboy)]. He is a full-flegded member and editor of the Jumping Fish team, and a member of Ark Festival’s organizational team.

In recent years he had the chance to offer his take on the hosting job, at first on Rise TV channel where he hosted the TV shows “Το ανφάν γκατέ του Πάνου Σουρούνη (Enfant Gateaux by Panos Sourounis)” and «Πόλης Πάνου (Polis Panou)». Since 2021 he has been participating in ERT1’s music TV show “Mousiko Kouti” (Music Box) with Nikos Portokaloglou and Rena Morfi as hosts.

Country: Greece